Ahhh the alarms in Ireland, quite a poem !!As soon as you arrive in a somewhat residential area, without necessarily being very wealthy, all the houses have house alarms and it is posted. A word of advice: if your house does not have one in an area where everybody else has one, put one in, otherwise it is an invitation for potential burglars. Lots of cars have alarms too. And so what, you may ask? Well, then, you have to add the Irish wind. Moreover, I doubt the quality of some house alarms, which means that regularly the wind or other stimuli can trigger some house alarms accidentally.

Weather warnings are quite common here, and when there is one, every squall gets an alarm as an answer.

I’ll keep it short: between firefighters, ambulances (emergency vehicles have particularly loud sirens here) and private alarms, not a single day has passed when I haven’t heard at least once a alarm or other siren go off.

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Je suis une Française qui habite actuellement en Irlande et qui s intéresse particulièrement à la valeur des mots

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