A brief history of Ireland 2/2

Ireland and its saltire, full part of the UK: all is well that ends well? Ha, in fairy tales only. In Ireland, the equality on paper does not go hand in hand with equality in practice: the act of union is a fool’s bargain, the landlords still have way more rights than necessary and theLire la suite « A brief history of Ireland 2/2 »

A brief history of Ireland 1/2

Sex, religion, money, politics: the four taboo subjects of social dinners in France – all the ingredients are gathered to make the history of Ireland a bestseller with twists and turns! Ireland, formerly « Hibernia », has always been coveted despite its name. By the Vikings first, whose trace can be found in the name of theLire la suite « A brief history of Ireland 1/2 »

Shamrock and the luck of the Irish

Speaking of lucky charms, it is commonly accepted in Europe that the 4-leaf clover brings good luck to those lucky enough to find one. The Irish are more pragmatic: it is the classic three-leaf clover (called in Ireland shamrock and not clover) that brings good luck, the Irish are real pragmatics as the classic cloverLire la suite « Shamrock and the luck of the Irish »

Magic Ireland Part II: magic in every corner

There’s no point in coming to Ireland if you don’t believe a little bit… in magic! Notwithstanding its tourist use, a certain idea of the supernatural floats in the Irish air. The birth of the leprechaun – this green blighter who is ubiquitous in souvenir shops – goes back a long way, to the 8thLire la suite « Magic Ireland Part II: magic in every corner »

Magic Ireland Part one: Irish legends

It is always useful to approach a country by its myths. Ireland is teeming with its own legends, which are very interesting,. Here are some of them, judge for yourself.. Several stories focus on the same character, called FIONN. Once upon a very, very long time, the Great King of Ireland had formed an eliteLire la suite « Magic Ireland Part one: Irish legends »

Proud of the Irish products

Putting the word « Irish » in front of a company or product name adds value. Irish publications on Irish history and culture are also systematically on distinct shelves in the bookshops, under the name “Irish”.  Irish grown, PS we’re irish, Proud to be irish, proudly irish, Made in Ireland,  icon of the flag on the packaging,Lire la suite « Proud of the Irish products »